Fencing Installation Contractor Wesley Chapel

Whether you’ve got a dog that needs boundaries or want to bring a little privacy to your property, a fence is a smart investment. At Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC, we’ll make sure it’s a stylish investment, too! We’ve installed fencing for homeowners throughout Wesley Chapel, FL, and we always take the time to ensure it’s done right and looks great.

From classic white picket fencing to durable and practical chain link, our fencing contractors put a premium on complete installations that are done right. There won’t be any weak links or loose boards when we’re done—just a sturdy, reliable fence that does its job.

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Vinyl fencing comes in a multitude of styles and colors, and can mimic natural wood, flat color or even geometric patterns. Vinyl is weather-resistant and holds up well to UV exposure and rain, making it a great investment for most Florida homeowners.

Chain link

Nothing beats the utility of a chain link fencing installation. We’ve installed chain link on residential and commercial properties, for a wide range of purposes. It’s great for keeping pets and kids in the yard, and trespassers out. It’s also ideal for maintaining a line of sight while putting up a barrier. Plus, it’s strong and durable!


Wood is the classic fencing option and a great investment on most properties. Wood fencing offers tons of customization options and can be painted or stained in numerous styles. Our wood fencing solutions are always customized to your stylistic tastes and installed with great craftsmanship, so they look great and stand strong.

Privacy fences

Privacy fences are ideal for homeowners who want to keep prying eyes off their property. We customize and install these fences in all materials, colors and styles, to give you the privacy you need without compromising the appeal and integrity of your Wesley Chapel, FL property.

A new fence is your answer to privacy, protection and boundaries

Give Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC a call today at 813-703-1410 and talk through your needs with us. We’ll provide recommendations on fencing products and get the entire thing installed to perfection. Count on us to make your new fence a beautiful, functional part of your property.