Flooring Installation Contractor Wesley Chapel

The floor under your feet plays an important role in not only how a room looks, but how comfortable and accommodating it is. Do you envision carpet or hardwood? Laminate? Bring the right ambiance and accommodation to any room with the help of Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC! Our flooring contractors install high-grade flooring products to make every room of your Wesley Chapel, FL the best it can be.

We bring you only the best in flooring products at affordable prices, so you can relish each room of your home every time you step foot into it. Our experts can even advise you on the right flooring installation for your needs—whether it’s durable nylon carpeting, wood-grain laminate or authentic hardwood.

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From durable nylon to moisture-resist olefin, we’re the authority on carpet installation, no matter the style you choose for your home. Our installers take care to properly stretch and secure carpet, preventing snags and wrinkles from forming in the future. We can also remove old carpet to ensure a complete replacement.


Laminate is a popular flooring material for home improvements and renovations. Our installers have helped homeowners throughout Wesley Chapel, FL realize the benefits of laminate flooring, and we’re happy to help you choose between different colors, styles, patterns and brands.


Nothing matches the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring. If you’re making a luxury enhancement to your home in the form of natural hardwood, make sure you’re calling us for the installation. We can install, sand, stain and seal your hardwood to perfection, so it continues to illustrate its elegance for years to come.

Unparalleled Value

At Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC, our goal is to provide unparalleled value—even when it comes to your flooring. Contact us at 813-703-1410 today to talk through your flooring remodel and we’ll provide you with an estimate on upgraded floors for your home.