The Benefits of a Privacy Fence for Your Property

Have you been considering adding a privacy fence to your property? This is a type of fence that is tall and solid enough that, as the name suggests, it adds some extra privacy to your yard.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the primary benefits associated with using a privacy fence in Wesley Chapel, FL.


We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first: it almost goes without saying that a “privacy” fence would significantly increase the level of privacy and seclusion you have on your property. You’ll be able to hold gatherings with your friends and family without disturbing your neighbors, or without them disturbing you. It also makes it easier for you to maintain good relations with your neighbors, something that’s going to be very important if you’ll be spending much of the foreseeable future at your home.

Privacy fences also keep strangers away from your kids, and are especially important if you are planning on having a pool (or already have one) on your property.

Weather protection

During severe weather situations, high winds could damage the contents of your backyard. However, a sturdy privacy fence can help you protect gardens and landscaping right next to it, and also protect other items, outdoor living spaces and your home itself by creating a protective barrier to block wind from at least one side.


Having a privacy fence can increase the value of your home while lowering your homeowner’s insurance rates. Depending on the carrier you have, you may be able to get discounts on your premiums with a well-maintained privacy fence, as it will add security to your property. Privacy fences make it difficult for thieves to access your property.

Privacy fences are generally desirable features for people purchasing homes, and they can also add to the attractiveness and curb appeal of your property. Both of these factors can help to enhance your property value.

Boundaries for animals

If you have a dog or other outdoor pet, a privacy fence will serve as a way to keep them on your property. It will also help to prevent stray animals from getting into your yard, damaging your property and potentially injuring your pet or loved ones.

Property boundary marking

Any type of fence you decide to install will be able to serve as a good boundary marker on your property, and privacy fences are no exception. When you install a fence on the property line, it gives a very clear indication of who is responsible for which parts of the land when it comes to mowing and landscaping, and where each neighbor is allowed to build or perform other types of work.

You may need to have a survey performed on your property before having the fence installed if it is to be placed on the property line; it’s important that you know exactly where the boundary is located.

For more information about some of the benefits of privacy fence installation in Wesley Chapel, FL, contact the team of remodeling contractors at Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC today.

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