Should You Install Flooring or Paint First?

When you’re revitalizing your home, getting the order right is important. Should you go for flooring installation or hire a home painting service in Wesley Chapel, FL first? If you’re doing both, it’s smart to do the painting prep work before the flooring is installed, and finish the painting after the flooring is finished.

“Wouldn’t the paint be more likely to get on the floors if we do it in that order?” you might wonder. When you hire a professional home painting service in Wesley Chapel, FL, they’ll take pains to do a neat, clean job that protects your floors. Here’s why this order is important.

Why install flooring first?

Depending on your flooring type, the installation process will be different—but they all start with ripping up the floors, which can damage your walls and paint. Furthermore, there may be a height difference between your old and new flooring, which would leave a gap to be painted.

Laminate flooring and pre-finished hardware merely require snapping in the panels, whereas unfinished hardwood needs to be sanded and stained—another opportunity for your baseboards to get chipped in the process.

Sometimes people prefer to paint first and touch up any damage or gaps after the flooring is installed. This is a reasonable option, but it requires painters to come back and takes more time overall. If you’re interested in saving money and time, it’s usually best to install the flooring, then paint and get it done right the first time.

Room design when you install flooring first

Chances are, you’ve already picked out your flooring and paint colors, but when you install the floors first, you’ll be able to see how the color and style work together before you decide to completely paint the walls. Paint colors can look different depending on the room, the light and, of course, the flooring.

We recommend following the 60-30-10 rule of home design: 60 percent of your room should be one main color, 30 percent is a complementary second color and 10 percent is decorated in an accent color. Your flooring will have a great impact on your décor, which is why it’s smart to get it installed and make your final paint selection then. You’ll have a better idea of how your furnishings, the paint and the flooring will work together. The flooring color might be part of the 60 percent or the 30 percent, but you won’t know until you see it all working together.

Is there any reason to paint first?

If your schedule or budget require you to paint first, don’t worry—your remodeling project is not doomed to fail. Just keep in mind that there may be gaps between the flooring or chips and scratches from the flooring installation process in Wesley Chapel, FL. As long as you’re prepared to do touch-ups or call the painting crew back in, your room will still look great.

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