What to Know Before Installing a New Fence

Installing a fence is a good way to define your property lines and add a little extra privacy to your home. It’s also smart when you have children and pets who are prone to running out in the street. Vinyl fencing and other options can be used to showcase your landscaping, create entertaining areas for guests and complement the look of your home in Wesley Chapel, FL.

The type of fence you choose depends on your main objectives as well as your aesthetic desires and property challenges. Here’s what to consider before you install a fence on your property:

  • Reason for adding a fence: If you’re choosing a fence for your home, think about why you want it. For example, privacy fences are taller and have no spaces between the posts, which also make them an attractive option for keeping pets corralled. If you’re simply looking to define property lines, shorter, open fences are a good way to keep trespassers off your lawn while still letting the beauty of your home shine through. The main purpose of installing a fence will help you narrow down your selections.
  • Fence type and materials: Next, consider which type of fence and materials would work best for you. Wood fences are beautiful, but require plenty of upkeep. Vinyl fences in Wesley Chapel, FL are low-maintenance, but have a more limited range of colors. Aluminum and steel fencing are rust-resistant and durable, echoing the look of wrought iron, but they may not be effective in keeping pets inside or offering privacy.
  • Height: Next, decide how high you’d like your fence to be. As a general rule, the higher a fence, the more privacy and security it offers, but you may be limited by building codes in your area.
  • Neighboring opinions: Next, talk to your neighbors about the fence. Not only is it polite to ask them what they think, but you’ll want to determine exactly where the property lines are located so that you don’t install the fence on theirs. There may also be local building codes or HOA regulations that can affect your fence choice.
  • Budget: Your budget will narrow down the selection further. If you need to cut down on costs, consider mixing materials and fence types—a fencing contractor can help you decide what would make the most attractive and durable combination.
  • Property challenges: If your property has hills or other challenging terrain, consider hiring a contractor to install your fence. You’ll see better results overall when you work with an experienced professional, especially if your property isn’t perfectly level.
  • Gates: Will your fence be open or solid, or will you need gates? If so, how many, and how wide? What type? The purpose of your fence will help you decide which gates to include, whether you want something sturdy and secure or will leave it open.

Do you need help choosing and installing a fence? Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC offers a number of home renovation services, including home fence installation in Wesley Chapel, FL. Call us today for an estimate.

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