Five Reasons to Upgrade to Touchless Bathroom Fixtures

Trends come and go when it comes to bathroom remodeling. What’s hot one year might not be so popular the next. One trend we don’t see going away anytime soon, though, is upgrading to touchless fixtures and appliances. A touchless bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL has a number of advantages over a traditional bathroom, and this post will cover them all:

  • Sanitation: First and foremost, touchless fixtures are more sanitary than their traditional counterparts. Since you don’t need to touch the fixture, there’s no possibility of germ transfer from the fixture to your hands (and vice versa).
  • Environmental considerations: Many people don’t give a second thought to how much water is used washing their hands or flushing a toilet. Once the water goes down the drain, it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, we can waste a ton of water in the bathroom every day, and it has a negative impact on the environment. Touchless bathroom fixtures are automatic, using the ideal amount of water for each flush or hand wash.
  • Monthly savings: Not only do touchless fixtures help the environment, but they also help your wallet! Since they use less water for your bathroom routine, you’ll use less water throughout the month. You could save hundreds of dollars per year by upgrading to touchless bathroom fixtures throughout your home.
  • Sleek appearance: Ensure your bathroom looks its best by upgrading your fixtures! Touchless bathroom fixtures have a sleek appearance, giving your bathroom a modern look without breaking the bank on a full remodel.
  • Increased home value: Updating your bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home while making it more attractive to potential buyers. However, a full remodel can cost a fortune. A quick way to boost its value is upgrading to touchless fixtures. They’re a desirable feature that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Why choose Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC?

If you’re interested in installing a touchless faucet in Wesley Chapel, FL, hire the team from Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC. These are a few reasons customers choose us for all of their bathroom remodeling needs:

  • Expert installation: Installing new bathroom appliances isn’t as easy as it might seem. Instead of attempting the project yourself, hire our experts. We have experience installing every type of fixture you can imagine.
  • Wide array of services: If you thought we just install bathroom fixtures, think again! We can perform all sorts of remodeling projects for every room in your home. From installing new appliances in the bathroom to painting the walls in the kitchen, we can do it all.
  • Affordable pricing: Hiring a remodeling contractor can be pricy, unless you work with Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC. Our rates are competitive for all of the services we provide.

The choice is clear if you’re adding touchless bathroom appliances in Wesley Chapel, FL—call Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC. Whether you’re simply looking to replace your fixtures or remodel your entire bathroom, we’re the team for the job!

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