The Importance of Choosing the Right Home Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a general contractor for a remodeling project is a must for many homeowners, especially for those who aren’t DIYers. But hiring the wrong contractor for the job is just as bad—if not worse—than attempting the project yourself. Continue reading to learn the importance of hiring the right contractor and how to choose a general contractor in Wesley Chapel, FL:

  • Overall cost: When searching for a contractor, it can be tempting to go with the company that gives you the lowest quote. Trust us when we say that’s a mistake! A less-than-reputable contractor may pull a bait and switch on you. They’ll provide low quotes but end up charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than the initial quote. When you work with a legitimate contractor, you can rest easy knowing you’ll pay what was originally quoted.
  • Timelines: Whether the project is big or small, you probably want it to be finished as quickly as possible! Reputable contractors will give you an accurate timeline of when you can expect the work will be complete, and they’ll stick to that timeline as best they can. Illegitimate contractors, on the other hand, tend to work more slowly. They’ll extend the project well beyond the timetable initially given.
  • Cleanliness: Big or small, remodeling projects can get very messy. Some contractors out there will finish the project and leave the homeowners to clean up their mess. Quality contractors, however, will stick around to clean up—your home may even be cleaner than when the contractor first arrived!
  • Warranty: Just like with any big purchase, it’s good to have a warranty for a remodeling project. Reputable contractors will stand by their work and offer some kind of warranty after the project is complete. Low-quality contractors typically don’t provide a warranty, sticking you with the repair bills if anything goes wrong down the road.

The best way to choose a contractor

You know all of the reasons to hire a reputable home remodeling contractor in Wesley Chapel, FL. However, that’s easier said than done! Follow this advice to find the right contractor for your next project:

  • License and insurance: The first thing to look for in a contractor is their license and insurance. A license proves that they’re legitimate and qualified to tackle the job. A contractor’s insurance guarantees you’re not on the hook if an accident occurs or if the contractor does any damage to your home.
  • Recommendations: Surely you know at least one person who has remodeled their home, so you should ask which contractor they used. Your friends and family won’t lead you astray—they’ll help you pick a contractor who’s both reputable and affordable.
  • Online reviews: If you don’t have any friends who can give you a recommendation, go online. Websites like Angie’s List are your best friends when searching for a contractor. You can read reviews of tons of different local contractors, easily helping you choose the best one for your project.

Hire our team for your remodeling project

If you’re looking to hire a general contractor in Wesley Chapel, FL, your search can start and end with Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC. Nobody beats our prices or range of services when it comes to home remodeling. Whether you’re looking to replace your flooring or upgrade your bathroom, we’re the team for the job.

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