The Best Living Room Paint Colors

Choosing the paint color for any room can be a difficult task, but it becomes especially daunting when it’s the living room, considering this is a room where you are most likely to have company over and want to make a good impression.

While neutral paint colors will always be a good choice, there are ways for you to make some good use of bolder colors as well. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best living room paint colors in Wesley Chapel, FL for your personality and tastes:

  • Light gray: Classic gray colors are a great neutral option for living rooms. A lighter gray color will be conducive to light to make the room feel brighter and more spacious, and it is also a great backdrop for gallery walls, allowing the artwork or photography to be the main focal point. Lighter, warmer gray colors are highly versatile and will never go out of fashion.
  • Purple: Certain shades of purple, such as velvety or grayish purples, are in vogue at the moment for living rooms, especially paired with elegant furniture and decorative accents, such as curtains and accent pillows. If nothing else, certain colors of purple can make for great accent walls in gray-colored rooms.
  • Deep greens: Deep green colors, such as emerald green, might not be traditional for use in living room paint jobs, but they’re becoming more popular at the moment when paired with white trim and light-colored picture frames. It creates a natural, wooded sort of feeling in the living room. Using it as the main color in a room can be a bold but effective choice when the trim and accessories complement it.
  • Dark gray: While not quite as versatile as light gray, dark gray can be a great choice when paired with natural wood or beige tones, and can make for a comforting, inviting choice in your home’s interior.
  • Pale blues: Certain types of pale blue colors can work very well as a primary paint color in your living room. It can create a cozy sort of feeling, and a calming atmosphere. During the winter it feels seasonal and comfortable, and during the summer it evokes life and coolness even on hot days. When paired with white trim, it makes for a really beautiful option.
  • Taupe: Earthy taupe colors are great for warming up your interior spaces, and are paired well with white or cream accents and various types of natural woodwork without clashing. Many people use taupe with a matte finish to get a more modern appearance.
  • Navy blue: Darker blues offer relaxing hues and work great when paired with wood furniture and cream or mauve accents. They can also be used to make a dramatic statement when used as an accent wall and paired with lighter colors.

Interested in some more living room paint ideas you might consider trying out in your Wesley Chapel, FL home? We encourage you to contact the team at Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC with any questions. We’d be glad to provide some recommendations!

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