What’s the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating?

People often use the words “remodeling” and “renovating” interchangeably, when in actuality these are very different kinds of projects.

The most basic explanation of the difference between the two is that renovation refers to restoring a space to a previous or historic state or improving and updating an outdated or worn space, while a remodel refers to taking an existing space and creating something entirely new with it.

Let’s investigate remodeling vs. renovating in Wesley Chapel, FL in a bit more depth.

About renovation in residential buildings

As mentioned already, the term “renovation” implies that something is being made new again, or revived to a previous state. In a kitchen project, this could involve repainting or refinishing cabinets, installing new fixtures and adding a variety of finishes. In doing so, the workers will not dramatically alter the design. The point is instead to honor the original intent of the builders and the design of the building. It can be updated to meet new standards, but there should be a sense of reverence for the historic or intended design of the building.

This tends to be a particularly popular type of project in older homes, where a space had previously been remodeled but no longer seems to fit with what the original intent would have been for the design of the home. During home renovation in Wesley Chapel, FL, you can update your home while returning a sense of integrity to its design.

About remodeling in residential spaces

Remodeling involves the creation of something new, rather than reviving a space’s previous state. This could involve entirely transforming the structure and style of the space, rather than just updating or tweaking it. This results in a much more drastic alteration that is intended to give the space new life and improve its functionality while customizing the design of the home for your needs.

Home remodeling in Wesley Chapel, FL will almost always cost more than you would expect to pay for a renovation, simply because there are more structural components that are likely to be altered. You’ll also need to consider the infrastructure that gets changed and relocated during remodeling projects, including electrical, plumbing and gas. Of course, there are some extensive renovation projects that can be quite expensive, but on average, you’ll usually pay more for remodeling a space than you would for renovating a space of the same size and characteristics.

As far as whether remodeling or renovating is the better choice for you, this really is entirely up to you. You should consider factors such as the current design of your home, the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the project, the current and potential functionality of the space and your preferences for aesthetics. You should discuss the project you have in mind with a contractor so you can get a sense of the kind of work that would need to be done and how much you can expect it to cost.

For more information about home remodeling vs. renovating, contact an experienced home renovation contractor in Wesley Chapel, FL at Embassy Construction and Remodeling, LLC today.

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